“…a work of community advocacy...” –  NY TIMES


“The directors have chosen eloquent interviewees, and the passionate attachment they feel for their city gives the film heart.” – NY POST


“...undeniably moving and true…Directors Patrick Alexander Stewart, Gina M. Angelone and Mouna B. Stewart have done an impressive job conveying how all these dispiriting changes have affected the city's Palestinian residents.” – FILM JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL 


“This impassioned documentary concerns the economic and cultural clashes occurring in the ancient Israeli city of Akka. It’s a strong visual motif” – HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


“…an impressive cast of local luminaries…sensitively depicted”—THE DAILY BEAST


"...handsome widescreen photography of the beautiful Palestinian coastal city in northern Israel..." VARIETY


“…beautiful visuals in the film…” –  1 MORE FILM BLOG


"In this revealing documentary, directors Gina Angelone and Patrick and Mouna Stewart let Palestinian residents of Akka speak freely about their beautiful city by the sea and the troubles they have seen and experienced under Israeli occupation." – SPIRITUALITY AND PRACTICE


“It’s rare to find a film that essentially hands the microphone over to its subjects, and lets them tell a story that seems so sharp and coherent. Such a feat proves the trio’s skill and diligence – and leaves a viewer wondering what other projects they have left to dive into.” – USC ANNENBERG / NEON TOMMY


It’s Better to Jump is a brave, thought-provoking and heartfelt work of art that is important enough for everyone to see. The issues presented are heartbreaking but they are real and universal.”—WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWS